Why plant churches?

Church planting has been observed as the most effective form of evangelism. Some statisticians have done the sums and worked out that you get more individuals saved through church planting than from any other form of evangelism. However, church planting is not simply a matter of getting a number of individuals saved; it is about the advance of God’s community in the earth. We see in scripture that God has always been interested in having a people, a family. 

Through Christ, God has established a new community on the earth, held together by their common commitment to Christ and their common experience of the Holy Spirit. In early Acts, to be saved, therefore, was to be added to this community. Belonging to God’s newly established society was all-important. They were a set-apart people, dwelling together in love and fellowship and committed to serving and blessing their local communities.

Church Planting Residency

Preparing future leaders

Church Plant Residency is developed to train and assist church planting within the United States.

Our Church Planting Residency is a 1-year training initiative intended to rapidly equip primary church plant leaders to start new churches. 

This program is church-based, team-driven, and guided by an apostolic team. We believe these methods are integral to the way of biblical church planting. The main elements of the church planting process are Assessment, Specialized Training, Launch Support, and Apostolic Care. The residency includes theological, leadership, and practical training with hands-on experience.

Candidates accepted into the program will participate in a residential training program based at a designated Newfrontiers USA church. Residents will receive direct feedback from both trans-local and local church leadership. The "DNA" of this local setting will be experienced first-hand and ongoing personal relationships with Newfrontiers USA leaders are developed.

Who is it for?

Our residency training is specifically designed to train potential lead church planters within the United States. 


  • 1 year residential internship

  • Church-based & team led

  • Thorough assessment and ongoing feedback

  • Hands-on involvement and personal mentoring

  • Develops one’s spiritual life, leadership skills & character

  • Develops leadership resources for future use

  • Offers launch support and apostolic care for the church planter's new location

If you are interested in in the residential church planting training program, please fill out the form below.

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