Trilogy trains present and emerging leaders to work within the church community making disciples, planting churches and reaching the nations. Combining group discussions with individual assignments, mentoring, and practical responsibility, Trilogy is a challenging and thorough training program. 

Currently, the majority of our Confluence churches are being lead by Trilogy participants or graduates, with another 50+ graduates serving in various other leadership capacities.


Areas of study include Life & Ministry of Jesus, Historical Development of Biblical Doctrine, Old and New Testament Surveys, Methods of Biblical Study, Biblical Models of Leadership, Cross-Cultural Training, and Newfrontiers Apostolic Values, and more. 

Individual reading and writing assignments complement the teaching during these classes and are evaluated by the instructors.


Mentoring is a pivotal component of Trilogy and takes place in the local church. Each student interacts with a mentor to develop character, life skills, and ministry skills. In the context of the local church, training can be integrated with practical responsibility, which may include making disciples, leading small groups and much more.

Because the aim of Trilogy is leadership development, it is strongly recommended that Trilogy mentors currently serve on a local church leadership team. 

How Do I Get More Information?

Trilogy is offered and implemented regionally. For more information, talk with your local elders about when and how Trilogy is available in your region.